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Employee and Family Assistance Plan

I keep hearing about EFAPs. What are they?    
Employee and family assistance plans (EFPAs) provide voluntary, confidential and immediate access to professional assessment, counseling and referral services for employees and their families to help resolve a wide-range of personal and work-related concerns, including substance abuse. 

Getting an EFAP for your company.
Do you need to offer an TLA Employee and Family Assistance Plan (EFAP) as part of  your drug & alcohol saftey program?
  • An EFAP is automatically included in  the TLA small group (1-9 employees) benefits plan, and is an option to include in the benefits plan for members with 10 or more employees.
  • Members who are not part of a TLA benefit plan can arrange EFAP only coverage and take advantage of the TLA’s block pricing.

The TLA's benefits provider, Johnstone's Benefits, has worked hard to put together an EFAP program that will meet our members' needs. Read all the details about EFAPs here.

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