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TLA Funding for Level Three First Aid Training

This is an exciting chance for TLA member companies and their employees to increase the number of Level Three First Aid attendants in the BC forest industry and be financially supported by the TLA as they do it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The reimbursement of the OFA3 registration fee will be made to whoever paid for the course - employer or employee. However, the $1,000 of additional financial support will ONLY be paid to the employee, NOT the employer. 
The forest industry needs more Level Three First Aid attendants and the TLA and our members are part of the solution with this program!
Application Criteria:
  1. Be employed by a TLA member company in direct harvesting in BC.
  2. Have a valid BC driver's licence.
  3. Complete and submit the application form above.
  4. Provide a letter of employment confirmation from your employer.
  5. Then submit a OFA3 pre-course registration in a community near your home. Upon approval, the applicant shall fund their own course.
  6. One applicant per company. 
Submission Information:
  1. Applications must be submitted via email to Christine Endicott, Strategic Communications Consultant at
  2. The TLA Board has authorized funding through the TLA Forestry Education Fund.
  3. Applications will be vetted on a first come, first served basis. 
  4. Application vetting will be done by Education Committee Chair, Dave McNaught, and David Elstone, TLA Executive Director.
  5. Only successful applicants will be contacted.