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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors represent the interests of our diverse membership to ensure a broad range of forestry and business matters are addressed and that action is taken.


Bill Nelson — Holbrook Dyson Logging Ltd. (NEW)
Dorian Uzzell
 — Wahkash Contracting Ltd. (NEW)
Mark Ponting — Ponting Logging & Grade Ltd.
Dave McNaught  — Seaspray Log Scaling Ltd.
Howie McKamey — Pilldolla Creek Contracting Ltd.
Aaron Service — Peninsula Logging Ltd. (NEW)
Adam Wunderlich — Fall River Logging
Carl Sweet  Inland Group
Matt Wealick  Spa:th Strategies
Tim Lloyd — Forestech Equipment Ltd.
Brian Mulvihill — Finning (Canada)

Doug Sladey —  Sladey Timber Ltd.
Barry Simpson — Oceanview Forest Products Ltd.
Mike Richardson — Tsibass Construction Ltd.
Jacqui Beban — Nootka Sound Timber
Don Banasky — Western Canadian Timber Products Ltd.
David Elstone — Truck Loggers Association
Lawrence Van De Leur  Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

Board members not in photo:
George Lambert — T-Mar Industries
Clint Parcher — Coastland Wood Industries

Our next board will be elected on at the TLA annual general meeting at the 2018 TLA Convention & Trade Show in Victoria.


Jacqui BEBAN  - President  
Mike RICHARDSON - Vice President*  
Don BANASKY - Past President  
*At the January 2012 AGM a motion was passed by the members to eliminate the 2nd Vice President position.


Industrial Directors are voting Members of the TLA board. They represent the Industrial side of the industry and all those businesses directly involved in the logging sector.

Don BANASKY Western Canadian Timber Products Ltd.
Jacqui BEBAN Nootka Sound Timber
Howie MCKAMEY Pilldolla Creek Contracting Ltd.
Dave MCNAUGHT Seaspray Log Scaling
Bill NELSON Holbrook Dyson Logging Ltd. 
Clint PARCHER         Coastland Wood Industries
Mark PONTING   Ponting Logging & Grade Ltd.
Mike RICHARDSON Tsibass Construction Ltd.
Aaron SERVICE Peninsula Logging Ltd.
Barry SIMPSON Oceanview Forest Products Ltd.
Doug SLADEY Sladey Timber Ltd.
Dorian UZZELL Wahkash Contracting Ltd.
Matt WEALICK Ch-ihl-kway-uhk Forestry Ltd.
Adam WUNDERLICH Fall River Logging


Associate Directors are an important representation of suppliers to forestry operations on the coast. Although they are non-voting Directors, their knowledge and expertise is a significant contribution to the Association, especially to Convention and Trade Show activities.

George LAMBERT T-Mar Industries
Tim LLOYD Forestech Equipment Ltd.
Brian MULVIHILL Finning (Canada)
Carl SWEET Inland Group
Lawrence VAN DE LEUR Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers