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TLA Board

Brian Mulvihill, Manager Forest Products, Finning Canada

Manager Forest Products, Finning Canada
Phone: 604.881.8770

Brian Mulvihill has been employed by Finning and its predecessor dealership since 1985, primarily
focused on the sales and marketing of mobile equipment to the Forest Industry. Prior to joining
Finning, Brian worked for several Interior Forest Products companies in their Woodlands divisions.
Throughout his career, Brian has witnessed a wholesale change in the tools and methods used to
harvest and deliver timber and believes we are at the start of another significant shift in harvesting
Brian holds a Diploma of Forest Resource Technology from Selkirk College, a Bachelor of Science
in Forest Products from the University of Idaho and Executive Business Development Certificate
from Simon Fraser University.
He has been an Associate Director of the TLA since 2003 and serves on the Communications and
Events committees and the Truck LoggerBC magazine Editorial Board.

Sig Kemmler, Alternative Forest Operations

Phone: 250-701-1889
Sig Kemmler owns Alternative Forest Operations Ltd. The company employs seven to 10 people and specializes in harvesting really sensitive sites often shared with other resource users such as watersheds, high visually sensitive areas and urban/rural interface areas. 
Sig came to Canada from Germany as a child and right out of high school he joined the Forest Technician program at Malaspina College. He graduated in 1979 and soon after joined the Forest Service and the Rapattack Helicopter firefighting team. After five years fighting fires, he decided to become a logging contractor and he’s never looked back. “There’s nothing like wood,” said Sig. “The smell. The look. Everything about it is perfect to me. And I love the challenge of finding ways to harvest difficult areas.” 

Clint Parcher, Coastland Wood Industries

Vice President, Fibre Supply
Phone: 250-741-5953
Clint started at Coastland in 2006 and now manages all of the sorting facilities and purchasing of fibre for the mill.  Clint is a third-generation forestry worker who has worked in all phases of logging, log handling, timber valuation and marketing. In May 2012, he completed his bachelor of commerce degree in entrepreneurial management from Royal Roads University. At Coastland, Clint is responsible for handling over 3 million m3 of logs through three custom sort and mill yards. With no tenure or guaranteed access to fibre, understanding log markets and maintaining relationships with timber companies are key objectives for Clint.

Clint is currently a board member the Timber Sale Advisory Council and the Truck Loggers Association, where he is also alternate chair of the Pricing & Marketing Committee.

Adam Wunderlich, Fall River Logging

Board Member
Phone: 250.792.2259
Adam Wunderlich is a managing partner in Fall River Logging based out of Courtenay.  Fall River offers full phase harvesting and road construction services on Vancouver Island. Adam initially pursued an engineering degree but soon switched to Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia. “The interesting career opportunities within the forest industry appealed to me and I loved the outdoors,” said Adam. “Forestry also offered excellent summer jobs that helped me pay for my education.” 

Throughout his career, Adam has had the opportunity to work in many diverse aspects of the sector both internationally and across BC.  Adam is a registered professional forester as well as a logger.  “There are a lot of different aspects to this business. That’s what drew me to forestry and that’s why I stay.” said Adam.

Don Banasky, Western Canadian Timber Products

Immediate Past President
Phone: 250.668.7746
Don began his career with an entrepreneurial spirit as President of Untamed Industries Inc. providing customers with a variety of labour-related services.  In 1994, he joined TimberWest Forest Corp. and gained experience as a Chokerman, Rigging Slinger, Hooktender, and a mechanical processor operator. In 2002, along with Bryan Gregson he launched FallTech Logging Ltd., which provided mechanical falling and bunching services of upwards of a million cubic meters a year. At this time he also began D. Banasky Logging Consultants Ltd., which focused on project management, safety, and systems development, team building and training.  

In 2011 FallTech Logging Ltd. was purchased by The Gregson Group where Don provided consulting and management service to both companies.  Don acted as Operations Manager for Copcan Contracting Ltd.; involved in many capacities including estimating, project and systems management, strategic business development and safety implementation.  

As well as serving his current role as TLA President, he served as a Director of Practicum Placement at VIU, sits on numerous committees including the BC Forest Safety Council Board of Directors, Steep Slope Advisory Committee, Incident investigation Advisory Committee, and various other industry committees. In 2013 Don was awarded the BC Forest Safety Council MVP in Safety Award.

Don currently works as Senior VP Operations for Western Canadian Timber Products.

Carl Sweet, Inland Group

TLA Director
Phone: 250.287.8878
 Carl Sweet works for Inland Group in Campbell River. He stopped by with a resume right out of high school and worked his way up from pushing the broom as shop sweep to his role now in equipment sales. Carl knows that Campbell River is the heart of the coastal forest industry and estimates that 75 per cent of his equipment sales are forestry related. 
The forest industry has allowed Carl to find a good, secure job in Campbell River so he and his wife can raise their children in their hometown. And it’s that hometown feel that Carl likes about the forest industry. “It’s a close knit community,” said Carl. “I have lots of friends in forestry and we all love the outdoors lifestyle and the community.”

Mark Ponting, Ponting Contracting Ltd.

TLA Director
Phone: 250.897.8494
Mark Ponting is the owner of Ponting Contracting Ltd. which operates out of Campbell River and does forest road construction and bridge installation. Mark is fourth-generation—his dad, grandpa and great grandpa worked in BC’s coastal forest industry. “My family came over from Sweden during the WWII to fall spruce trees for airplane construction and we’ve been working in forestry ever since.” Mark runs the company with his wife Nancy. They also have three sons working in the industry.
Ponting Contracting Ltd. has teams operating across the Island and on the mid-coast in places like Bute Inlet and Bella Bella. “We do a lot of travel by boat and airplane,” said Mark. “We’re always seeing whales and bears. I’m lucky. It’s a landscape few British Columbians get a chance to see.”

Aaron Service, Peninsula Logging

TLA Director
Phone: 604-989-0716
Aaron Service owns Peninsula Logging in partnership with George Fallis and Dan Scott on the Sunshine Coast. The company does stump-to-dump harvesting mostly on the Sunshine Coast and up coastal mainland inlets. They employ around 15 people including sub-contractors. Aaron splits his time equally between managing the crews and working on a machine himself.

Aaron grew up on the Sunshine Coast and became interested in forestry when he joined the Junior Forest Wardens in grade six. In high school, he worked for a family friend who was a logger. Later on, he completed a Bachelor of Science in Forestry at UBC and became a registered forest professional. “After school, I went back to logging and about ten years ago decided to do something on my own,” explained Aaron. “So I bought a processor and got started.” 

Bill Nelson, Holbrook Dyson Logging

TLA Director
Phone: 250-287-0045
Bill Nelson is partner in Holbrook Dyson Logging based in Campbell River. Holbrook Dyson offers full phase harvesting and road construction services. Bill works as a project manager, running the two camp operations with his partners. Holbook Dyson employs 55 people and operates on mid and northern Vancouver Island.
Bill is a third generation logger. In fact, he completed elementary grades one and two in logging camps before moving to Campbell River. He worked in Norie Bros. Logging’s shop every summer in high school and started setting chokers at 17. He did one year of university at SFU before the forest industry called him back. “I liked the challenge of working hard and I loved being outside,” said Bill. “I grew up in logging. So it was like coming home.”

Dorian Uzzell, Wahkash Contracting

TLA Director
Phone: 250.202.6146
Dorian Uzzell is an owner of Wahkash Contracting in partnership with Rob Moretto. The company does road building and logging and they have 75-90 employees depending on the season. While their head office is in Campbell River, they have remote camps in Johnstone Strait, Broughton Archipelago and Bonanza Lake. 
Dorian is a third generation logger. His grandpa, Chick Uzzell, owned logging companies from 1950 until he retired in 1990. Dorian started out at a dryland sort and as he moved around in the early years, he took every opportunity to run equipment. He’s happy with his career choice. “Forestry will be here for the next generation,” said Dorian “It’s a renewable resource but it wasn’t always seen that way. In 1993, miserable old guys were convinced there was no future in it but they were wrong.”