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Forestry Job Descriptions

Thank you to Pacific Forest Foundation for allowing us to use their job description information on the TLA website.
Logging Crew
Loggers cut and process trees into logs in the forest. Entry-level positions receive training on the job, and more experienced positions take on greater responsibilities.
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Forestry Crew
These jobs involve manual labor working outdoors in forested terrain -- often on a crew comprised of several workers, or helping other operators do their work. As entry-level positions, most training occurs on the job.
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Heavy Equipment Operation
Skilled machinery operators run large function-built equipment. Operators may run different machines during the year. Requires specialized training and extensive experience.
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Drivers transport the timber and machinery from the forest to the milling plant. Requires specialized training, a commercial drivers license and ample experience.
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Equipment Mechanical Services
Mechanics diagnose, service and repair heavy equipment and trucks either in the shop or at remote field locations. Requires specialized training, often including education certificates, and ample experience.
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Forestry Technicians
Specialized forestry positions that perform technically demanding work outdoors in the forest. Requires specialized training, often including some college education or certificates, as well as ample experience.
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Supervisors oversee the safe and productive function of other employees working outdoors in forested terrain. Supervisors commonly advance into management responsibilities after demonstrating sufficient experience and performance in other forestry positions. Requires ample previous experience, often including specialized training or education certificates.
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Business Ownership
Owners typically have their roots in previous forestry work, advancing up the ranks to self-ownership. There are many types of forestry companies, employing from one to a couple hundred workers.
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Forestry Professionals
Forest management decision-making, policies, prescriptions and planning are conducted by a cadre of "forestry professionals." These professional forestry occupations typically require a college degree for entry-level employment.
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