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Have a voice…with government and other key stakeholders

The TLA advocates on our members’ behalf so that our collective voice informs policy makers of key issues that affect our membership. Membership provides you with the opportunity to stay informed about forestry issues, by making valuable business contacts, and by being a part of influencing government and public policy issues, which help to protect and enhance the sustainability of the forestry industry in B.C.

Save…with our benefits, insurance and affinity programs for members

The TLA is continuously enhancing the programs it offers to its members. As a member of the TLA your organization will be able to provide your employees and their families with important services such as health benefits, insurance and several affinity programs that provide substantial savings for TLA members. A variety of Affinity, Insurance and Benefits programs are currently available for qualified members. Visit our Benefits and Affinity section to find out more.

Build…your networks and business

TLA provides a forum for members to meet and build business relationships with other contractors, business owners, forestry association and policy makers and politicians. Networking opportunities are provided in the coastal region for members through face-to-face member meetings, events, golf tournaments and the annual TLA Convention and Trade Show held in January of each year.

Compete…with better knowledge, support and industry information

TLA members receive industry support and draw on the experience and knowledge of our directors, staff and other members when dealing with issues such as:

  • Industry and government legislation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Land use regulations, policies, etc.

Be Informed…with up-to-date new and information

TLA members receive timely information and updates on TLA activities, government policy changes, and other industry related information via: - TLA website where information on training, workplace safety, up-to-date information on changes in government policy, and new innovations in the forestry industry are made available.

  • Members only website portal for access to Board information, research and TLA reports
  • Truck Logger BC Magazine (quarterly)
  • Monthly members’ only exclusive newsletters and announcements