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To apply for TLA membership, visit our Application Form page or download an application form as a PDF.
If you have additional questions about the TLA or any of our programs, please contact Director of Membership, Stacie Dixon at 604.684.4291 Ext: 6 or

membership categories and fees

industrial membership

The TLA was formed by Industrial Members to represent the interests of Industrial Members and we continue to strive to meet that objective. The TLA Industrial Members come from all facets of the industry: logging contractors, manufacturers, forest agreement/license holders, brokers and phase contractors are a few examples of what is considered an industrial member. As a general rule of thumb, if you are in the business of harvesting, manufacturing, movement of logs, and/or sale of wood products you qualify as an Industrial Member. TLA Industrial Members are eligible to run for election to the TLA Board of Directors and hold voting rights at annual general meetings in terms of policy or by-law changes.

Associate membership

The TLA also welcomes membership from associate companies and organizations. Associate companies are any person, firm or organization who is engaged in work or services allied or associated in any way with the forest industry: equipment companies, insurance brokers, and investment companies are just some examples of our Associate Members. The TLA Associate Members have full access to the TLA membership benefits and Affinity programs; however Associate Members do not hold voting rights at annual general meetings in terms of policy or by-law changes or elections. In order to ensure our Associate Members have a voice, some Associate Members are invited to participate as non-voting Associate Board Directors.

membership fee schedule
Membership Type Number of Employees Dues Amount GST 5% Total Payable
Associate Any Number $385.00 $19.25 $404.25
Industrial 1 to 4 $385.00 $19.25 $404.25
Industrial 5 to 10 $860.00 $43.00 $903.00
Industrial 11 to 20 $1330.00 $66.50 $1396.50
Industrial 21 to 40 $1800.00 $90.00 $1890.00
Industrial 41 to 55 $2280.00 $114.00 $2394.00
Industrial More than 55 $2750.00 $137.50 $2887.50
Effective May 01, 2013 *For the purposes of the Fee Schedule the TLA defines Numbers of Employees as the number of persons employed by the member company on average, throughout the year. This includes subcontractors who are not members of the TLA.