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August 31, 2012

TLA Welcomes Back Annual Sponsors

The TLA is proud to welcome back Annual Sponsors:

Premier Sponsor - Finning Canada

Strategic Sponsors - PetroCanada/Coastal Mountain Fuels

The TLA Annual Sponsorship Packages are designed to maximize sponsor brand exposure prominently in:
  • All Print Collateral
  • On-site Venue Signage
  • Event Presentations
  • On-line web exposure
  • email Hotsheets/newsletters
The TLA thanks them for their continued support.  

August 28, 2012

Welcome Dwight Yochim, as the TLA's new Executive Director

TLA Appoints Dwight Yochim New Executive Director

August 23, 2012

Minister Steve Thomson

On Aug. 17, 2012 Minister Steve Thomson met with members of the Truck Loggers Association executive and operators of the Union Bay log sort to see the operation firsthand and discuss coastal forest issues.
To view more photos from this gallery, click on the image below. 

From Left to Right:

Monty Hussey (TLA Director/Tilt Contracting), Mike Hamilton (TLA Past President/Mike Hamilton Logging Ltd.), Honourable Steve Thomson, Bill Markvoort (TLA President/Probyn Log Ltd.), Rob Wood (TLA Past President/Holbrook Dyson Logging), Norman Nalleweg (Woodlands Manager) & Don Banasky (TLA Vice President/Copcan Contracting Ltd. & Falltech Logging)

August 21, 2012

Update:Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement

Commercial Transport

Study: How weight loads affect commercial vehicle safety


Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will determine whether changes to commercial vehicle weight limits will have a direct and measurable safety benefit under section 7.26 and appendices F, H, and I of the Commercial Transport Regulations.

Input from stakeholders, including public and industry knowledge, will be an important component of the project.


The study will collect and analyze road safety research and statistics to evaluate the following:

  1. The primary and secondary causes associated with different types of commercial vehicle incidents, including frequency and severity of rollovers and other types of incidents.  
  2. Whether reducing weight loads, under section 7.26 and appendices F, H, and I, would directly improve incident rates in a measurable way versus industry averages. The study will also consider other possible solutions for improving safety while maintaining economic performance.


The ministry has retained the services of EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd., a Tetratech Company, to undertake the study.  


Contract work is expected to be completed by early Fall 2012


If you have any questions regarding this study, please contact:
Commercial Transport
phone: 250.953.4017


August 20, 2012

Growing Fibre, Growing Value

Response to the Report
On August 15th, the Special Committee on Timber Supply released its long-awaited report calledGrowing Fibre, Growing  Value. The report outlines 22 recommendations that are grouped into six main areas: preserving the integrity of BC’s sustainable forest management system; land base issues; forest practices considerations; other AAC-related issues; forest tenure issues and interests; and Burns Lake. 

The ABCFP is pleased that the report tries to strike a balance between values and advocates the use of science-based decision making. It also recommends maintaining a strong role for the Chief Forester in making AAC decisions which the ABCFP feels is extremely important.

Next Steps
The ABCFP is currently studying the report and the 22 recommendations. While you will not see us in the media at this time, we want you to know that we are still on task and advocating for the sustainable management of BC’s forests.

Read the Report
You can find Growing Fibre, Growing Value  on the Special Committee on Timber Supply’s website.

August 20, 2012

$3.4 million to improve Nadina district timber supply

Aug. 13, 2012 Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
$3.4 million to improve Nadina district timber supply
VICTORIA – The Land Based Investment Strategy (LBIS) is investing $3.4 million in the Nadina district for reforestation, timber supply mitigation, forest health and inventory. The LBIS funding will increase both mid- and long-term timber supplies, mitigating the effects of the mountain pine beetle infestation and wildfires. 
The Land Based Investment Strategy guides investments in British Columbia’s natural resources to achieve environmental sustainability and economic prosperity.
LBIS funding in Nadina will support:
·         The planting of 17,000 seedlings and plans are underway to fertilize 4,500 hectares, producing an additional 90,000 cubic metres of timber in the mid-term (20 to 60 years) and long term (60+years).
·         Site preparation of 850 hectares to enable the planting of 1.3 million seedlings next spring producing an extra 210,000 cubic metres to long-term timber supply. 
·         Surveying of 8,000 hectares to find treatable ground for reforestation, fertilizing and improved spacing, resulting in an additional 13,000 cubic metres of timber for both short- and long-term supplies.
·         Planning and prescriptions to sow almost two million seedlings this fall, adding 300,000 cubic metres to long-term timber supplies.
The 2012-13 Land Based Investment Strategy will invest $78.6 million, a 15 per cent increase over last year. About 5.3 million hectares of new and updated inventory will be completed this year.
Growing trees and investing in reforestation to ensure a sustainable timber supply are part of the forest sector strategy, outlined in ‘Canada Starts Here: The BC Jobs Plan’.
A copy of Our Natural Advantage: Forest Sector Strategy for British Columbia can be downloaded
Brennan Clarke, Public Affairs Officer
Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
250 356-5261
Connect with the Province of B.C. at: